When you start or stop a service in Windows it can sometimes gets hung in a “starting” or “stopping” state.  Follow these easy steps to kill a hung service in Windows.  I ran into this issue recently so I thought I would share the steps I used to kill the hung service.

1. Find the Process ID of the Hung Service

You must know the Process ID (PID) in order to kill the hung service.  You can locate the PID by opening a command prompt and entering the following command:

sc queryex servicename [Press Enter] 

Replace “servicename” with the actual service name of your hung service. You can locate the service name by right clicking on the hung service and selecting Properties. For example, the Windows Time service name is W32Time.

I’ve highlighted the Process ID (PID) that is needed for step 2.

How to Stop a Hung Service in Windows

2. Stop the Hung Service Using the Taskkill Command

Use the PID you found in step 1 and run the following command to kill the hung service:

taskkill /f /pid 1460 [Press Enter]

How to Stop a Hung Service in Windows



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