Last June I reviewed a new web based tool called Scroll Kit.   Scroll kit allowed users to create visually stunning websites without any programming knowledge.

I was surprised this week when Scroll Kit announced they were closing their doors and joining the team.  Officially Scroll Kit was acquired by Automattic, the owner of  

Scroll Kit had a lot of potential but the move to WordPress does offer a lot of exciting possibilities.

I thought if Scroll Kit continued to advanced it could be a major factor in shaping the way websites were created.  Scroll Kit removed many of the technical barriers to website creation, opening the door for people who never thought they could create their own websites.

I really enjoyed using Scroll Kit but I did not use it frequently.  It’s not that Scroll Kit wasn’t a great tool but I was already using WordPress for my sites.   Wordpress is such a widely used platform that Scroll Kit may have struggled to gain the momentum it needed.

My hope is that the Scroll Kit team will infuse their creative and artistic ability into future releases of WordPress.  I’m excited to see how WordPress improves over time with the addition of the Scroll Kit team.

Here is an excerpt from Scroll Kit’s official announcement about their move to the WordPress team.scroll-kit-closing

When you build a product that helps others make the web, you judge your work by the work of your users. What we saw when we woke up each morning at scroll kit HQ is what kept us pushing. Our objective was to create a process for making the web that was more like drawing on a piece of paper. A visual tool that was easy for most people to pick up, but could take them to a place that was uniquely their own. And over the years, the work we saw became a window into the minds of creative people from all over the world. We learned from you and thank you.


The ups and downs of this experience have only expanded our interest in this mission. We’re excited to announce today that we’re joining’s product team.  

Read the full announcement from Scroll Kit here