The year is coming to an end and we are about a start a new year, which will be full of new opportunities.  2013 marked the start of this website and the formal start of my IT consulting business.  Previously, I did IT consulting when opportunities presented themselves but did not actively pursue it until this year.

Starting your own business is a learning process and I’ve learned a lot in 2013.  Managing Bradshaw IT Consulting has been a balancing act between my day job, family life and other obligations. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish every single goal. I’ve learned to appreciate progress and improvement no matter how small.

I am grateful for the clients I helped grow this year and look forward to continuing our relationship in 2014.  My goal in providing IT consulting services is to help small business owners with their technology needs. I strive to provide top notch customer service and technology solutions for my customers.   I’m confident I provided great services to the businesses I served this year and I hope I exceeded their expectations.

I’m also excited about helping new customers in 2014. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, starting new projects and helping more businesses.  Making new connections and friendships is one of the best part of IT consulting.  I love learning about different types of businesses and seeing them grow.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my site this year.  I really appreciate the support and I hope I was able to provide some valuable information throughout the year.  To end the year I’ve decided to list the top 5 read articles on my site this year.

Most Read Articles in 2013

How to Setup a Professional Email Address Using

This “How To” post provides step-by-step directions on setting up custom email addresses using’s free service.  This tutorial provides everything small businesses need to know to setup email addresses using their own domain.

How to Use Twitter to Provide Great Customer Service

Twitter is a great tool for customer service.  In this post I explore someways businesses can use Twitter to improve customer service and resolve issues.

Protect Your Kids Online with K9 Web Protection & OpenDNS

This article explore ways to keep kids safe online.  While the content doesn’t directly impact small businesses, it resonates with anyone with a family.  I mainly provide IT consulting for small business but I also enjoy helping families when possible and I feel that every parent should be aware of how to protect their kids online.

Remove Security Options on OWA Login Page

This post is probably the most technical and nerdy piece I’ve written.  It shows how I was able customize the login page for Outlook Web App (OWA).  I created this post because I couldn’t find the solution online and apparently others have had the same need because I get daily traffic to this post.

How to Tuneup Your Computer For Free

Everyone’s computer can act sluggish occasionally so I decided to list my favorite tools for giving your computer a tuneup.  I use these programs regularly and thought it would be good to share this information with others.