Have you ever wanted to start your own website or blog?  Launching your own website may seem intimidating but it is not as difficult as you would think.  I’ve included step by step instructions in this post on how to start a website.


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If you would like to setup a professional qualityHow to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress blog or website but are unsure how to get started, this post is for you!  In fact if you would like additional help I’m willing to provide 2 hours of free website consulting to anyone who uses this tutorial.  Simply contact me after following the steps I’ve listed and we will schedule a time for your 2 hours of website consulting.

There are a variety of ways to setup a website but I recommend creating a self-hosted website with Bluehost and using WordPress to manage your site.   If interested, you can read why I personally use Bluehost & WordPress and recommend it for my clients.

There are two major steps in this tutorial.  First, you need to setup your hosting account with Bluehost.  Second, you need to launch your website using WordPress.  Both steps are outlined in detail, so if you are ready to get started keep reading!


Setting Up Your Bluehost Hosting Account


1. Sign Up at Bluehost.com

Go to Bluehost.com (Affiliate Link) and click the Get Started Now button.

How to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress

2. Think of a Website Address

Enter the name of the website address you would like to use and click Next.  If you already have a website address enter it in the “I Have a Domain Name” field.

How to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress

3. Enter Your Account Information

How to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress

4. Select the Length of Your Hosting Plan

Choose how long you would like to set your hosting agreement (1, 2 or 3 years).   Bluehost offers additional add-ons and services but I recommend skipping the extra options. Complete your billing information and click Next to confirm your purchase.

How to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress

How to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress

5. Create a Password for Your Bluehost Account

Congratulations! You’ve signed up for your hosting account!  You will now be asked to create a password for your Bluehost account.  Now that you’ve setup your hosting account, it’s time to launch your WordPress site!



Launching Your WordPress Site on Bluehost


1.  Access the Control Panel From Bluehost.com

Click the Login button in the top right corner of the page to access the control panel.  You may be asked to login if you are not already logged in.

How to Launch a Website or Blog Using WordPress

2. Select the WordPress Website Builder

Click on the Hosting section in the Control Panel, scroll down until you see an area called Website Builders.  Select the WordPress icon to begin the installation process.


3. Install WordPress

Click Start to launch a brand new installation of WordPress.


4. Select Your Website Address

Choose the website address you want use for your website and click Check Domain.


5. Overwrite Existing Files to Install WordPress

The Check Domain process will return an error telling you that files already exist in the install location.  Don’t worry, this message appears because WordPress is overwriting generic Bluehost files.  You want to overwrite these files to properly install your new WordPress site.


6. Finalize Your WordPress Admin Account

I recommend selecting the Show Advanced Options box to display the Admin username, password and email address associated with your account.  You can use this opportunity to change these options if you prefer.  Additionally, I recommend you write down your username and password to ensure you don’t forget it.  Wordpress will email you the username and password but its always good to have a spare copy of your login information available. Lastly, agree to the terms and conditions and click the Install Now button.


7. Go to Your Website and Login to WordPress

Now that you’ve completed your WordPress installation its time to check out your site!  The default WordPress installation is pretty generic looking but you change the theme and personalize it later.  First, you need to login to WordPress with username and password you created in step 6.  Go to the home page of your site and click the login link located in the lower right hand corner. The login page can also be accessed by entering your website address in a browser with “/login” at the end (example: www.MyWebsite.com/login).


When you log in to WordPress you’ll be taken to the Dashboard.  The Dashboard is the primary hub for customizing, creating and editing WordPress site..  Click on the Posts link found on Dashboard, this section is where you will create and edit your blog posts.  When you are finished with your first blog post, click the Publish button. Congratulations! You now have a self hosted website!

WordPress is full of features and options, more than I could discuss in single post.  I’ve compiled handful of great resources to help you get started and to make the most out of WordPress.  Also, if you signed up for a Bluehost account and launched your site in WordPress don’t forget to contact me for your free 2 hours of website consulting!


Resources for Using WordPress

  • WPBeginner.com is a great site with all kinds of how to’s and helpful tips for using WordPress
  • Official WordPress Support – The WordPress.org site has a helpful forum where you can ask questions, troubleshoot issues and find details on the lastest WordPress advancements.
  • Youtube – There are hundreds of videos on Youtube that demonstrate how to use nearly every feature of WordPress.
  • Consulting – If you would like more hands on help, I’d recommend working with a consultant experienced in using WordPress.  I’d be happy to assist anyone needing some extra help, just send me a message!



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