How to Get Facebook Likes for Your Small Business

Now that you’ve created a Facebook page you have the task of getting people to Like your page.  It’s easy to understand why people Like Facebook pages of well known companies, celebrities or atheletes.   It may not be as easy to get Likes if your small business is fairly unknown or operates in a industry that isn’t exciting or entertaining.   Do people really want to follow a typical small business such as lawn care company?  The answers is yes, but you must do your part to grow and keep your followers engaged.


3 Ways to Get Likes on Facebook

  • Notify Customers & Contacts

    The first step to getting people to like your Facebook page is letting them know you exist.  Notifying your existing customers through your existing forms of communication such as mail outs, emails and putting links to your  on your website.  People will not automatically flock to your business’s Facebook page, you must make them aware of it.

  • Promotions

    According to research done by, 44% of people who follow a business on social media want to get deals/discounts. To examine this approach further let’s take a fictional company “Joe’s Lawn Care” and see how they can utilize two types of promotions on Facebook to grow their audience.

    • The Big Reward Promotion: Hold a drawing to reward a lucky Facebook follower once your business Reasons Why People Follow Businesses on Social Media ets a certain number of “Likes”.  Joe’s Lawn Care can reward one lucky follower with a free year of lawn service once the business hits 500 likes on Facebook.  This method of promotion encourages existing Facebook followers to tell others about Joe’s Lawn Care in order to get a chance at winning the prize drawing.
    • The Deadline Promotion: Provide an incentive for people to Like your page by a certain deadline, this approach creates a sense of urgency for people to follow your business now.   For example, Joe’s Lawn Care can offer 10% off a single month of service for everyone who becomes a Facebook follower by the end of June.  This promotion works in two ways, it encourages existing customers to Like Joe’s Lawn Care page to get the discount and it entices non-customers to try Joe’s Lawn Care service at a discounted rate.
  • Find Business Connections

    Like and connect with complementary businesses on Facebook in order to gain exposure in your industry.  When your businesses connections have content that will benefit your followers, share it on Facebook. Those connections will likely return the favor, exposing your Facebook page to people who do not currently follow you.  Joe’s Lawn Care could form a connection with Sally’s Nursery and gain exposure to a group of potential Facebook followers who fit into Joe’s target market.



3 Ways to Keep Existing Facebook Followers

Now that you grown the number of Facebook Likes to your page, how do you keep your followers engaged?

  • Provide Valuable Content

    Do not make every Facebook post a sales pitch. It’s important to provide valuable content to your followers in order to build trust.  For example, Joe’s Lawn Care can share its recommendations for  “The best time of day to water your grass” or “What plants grow best during the summer heat”.   Providing useful content to customers with no strings attached strengthens the bond between customers and a business.

  • Interact with Your Followers

    Respond to comments left on your Facebook page.  It is important to let followers know their comments are important and appreciated.  It’s especially crucial to respond to negative comments.  If the negative comment is ignored or deleted it gives the impression that that a business is not willing to address customer complaints.  People understand that businesses are not perfect and as long as efforts are made to resolve the issue your followers will likely understand and respect your willingness to publicly address the problem.

  • Offer Incentives

    Provide exclusives deals, contests and recognition for your Facebook followers.  The purpose of these incentives is to let your loyal followers know you appreciate them.  Creating a “Lawn of the Month” program or holding a contest for a free giftcard are ways “Joe’s Lawn Care” can offer incentives to its followers to show appreciation and keep them engaged.

These ideas are just a few methods you can use to grow small business and interact with your customers on Facebook.  Be creative and come up with ideas unique to your business!  The more fun you have with your followers the more likely they are to stay engaged.



I help small businesses use technology to grow and solve problems.   I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and spend my free time with my wife, 2 kids and dog.